Top 10 Tips

10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a HECM loan

  1. 95% of the people that do HECM loan increase net worth
  2. Eliminate your monthly mortgage payment
  3. Purchase a home for one large down payment and no more payments for life
  4. Set up an annuitized payment for life
  5. Enjoy a line of credit that has a growth factor built in
  6. Live the lifestyle you want with extra cash flow in retirement
  7. Make a payment (a portion of what is still owed) on your existing mortgage and enjoy optional payments going forward
  8. Buy double the home for the same money
  9. Without making the monthly payment go on the trip, you have always wanted
  10. Because you deserve to relax in “retirement.”


Top 10 Reasons Seniors Should Consider A Move

  1. Your wellbeing or that of others is at risk because of a combination of the below reasons.
  2. You are no longer a safe driver. If someone mentions this, pay attention. Unfortunately, none of us are good at judging how safely we drive.
  3. You have fallen and injured yourself.
  4. You are no longer able to take part in activities you love.
  5. You need to rely on a family member or friend to help you on a regular basis a number of times in a week.
  6. Your friends are moving to other places or passing on; you are becoming more isolated.
  7. Memory is starting to become a problem.
  8. It is too hard to complete everyday chores.
  9. You’ve experienced a change in health, such as eyesight.
  10. Owning a home is no longer fun. It has become a burden.


Top 10 Health Tips For Seniors to keep you healthy and fit

  1. Eat well. If you eat well and combine with activity, you will lie a healthier life. Eat less sugar, fewer carbs and more fruits and veggies.
  2. Keep active! Exercise, exercise, exercise!
  3. Quit smoking. Smoking can lead to cancer and shorten your lifespan. Quitting smoking is critical to your overall health.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight. Eat healthier, replace sweet drinks with water. Don’t eat dessert after every meal.
  5. Prevent falls. Be sure to be more careful and wear shoes with better traction.
  6. Stay up-to-date on your shots and immunizations. The older you get, the more susceptible you are to illness and flu.
  7. Prevent skin cancer. Be sure to wear sunscreen.
  8. Get normal vision, hearing and dental checkups. This can prevent a number of issues, including car accidents.
  9. Manage stress. Try to think positive, meditate and exercise.
  10. Fan the flame. No reason to not have intimacy from time to time.

10 Tips: Healthy Meals to Pick as You Get Older

Eating healthy and making sure you exercise is a good way to ensure that you will live a long and prospers life.

Here are 10 healthy eating tips for people who are 65 and older.

  1. Eating and Socializing
    Eating meals with someone makes eating meals enjoyable
  2. Drink plenty of water
    Make sure you drink plenty of water. Also, be sure to limit drinks that have lots of added sugars or salt. Learn which liquids are better choices.
  3. Make and Plan Healthy Meals
    Be sure to plan your meals. Go grocery shopping frequently, buying fresh produce. Make sure when eating you eat foods that are rich in complex carbs like brown rice, instead of simple carbs like white rice. Eat your fruits and veggies.
  4. Know How Much You Should Eat
    Be sure to know your portion sizes. Don’t overeat, or over-indulge.
  5. Eat Vegetables
    Include a variety of different vegetables. Since they are high in fiber, they will help keep you regular.
  6. Eat For Teeth
    Make sure you keep your teeth in shape by drinking milk and eating foods that aren’t harmful to your teeth.
  7. Add Herbs and Spices
    As you get older, food can seem bland tasting. Be sure to add some flavor and zest to your meals (but stay clear of the salt).
  8. Keep food safe
    Food-related illness can be life-threatening. Throw out out-dated food, and make sure you cook everything well done, so you don’t get food poisoning.
  9. Read Nutrition labels
    Read the labels and stay away from added sugars, transfats, and foods high in sodium.
  10. Vitamins or Supplements
    Food will always be the best way to get the right nutrients, but supplements can help. Ask your doctor what supplements will best suit you. Checking with a doctor is the safest bet, since some supplements may interfere with your other medication or your health.

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Sell

  1. Keep your home clean
  2. Replace the carpet if it is stained
  3. Air out your home before showing
  4. Spray the house with air freshener
  5. Put family photos away
  6. Improve space in every room by getting rid of too much furniture
  7. Paint all walls a neutral color
  8. Clean and replace lights
  9. Wash all your windows
  10. Remove odors like pet odors.

10 Ways Retirement Income Taxes are Different

  1. No more FUTA or FICA taxes unless you are still earning an income
  2. Social Security provisional Income Tax Break
  3. Required minimum distributions from qualified money
  4. Standard deduction changes over the age of 65
  5. Itemization issues often can go away
  6. Charitable gifts need a strategy change
  7. Capital gains added to dividends added to distribution issues
  8. Non-qualified annuities
  9. Healthcare deductions
  10. Income matters

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Falling

  1. Wear well-fitting shoes with rubber soles
  2. Clean up spills
  3. Remove rugs
  4. Keep hallways clear
  5. Have good lighting
  6. Keep a phone near you (in case of a fall)
  7. Use a nightlight
  8. Use railings
  9. Don’t use step-stools
  10. Watch out for infants and pets

Top 10 Tips to Avoid When Estate Planning

  1. Improperly Notarized Documents: this could lead to your documents being useless, including your will
  2. Planning Only for Death and Not Incapacitation: You don’t just need documents for death, but for health issues, too; health issues that could leave you in the hospital
  3. Inadequate Gits in Power of Attorney: Gifts are to minimize estate taxes, but this must be stated in your Power of Attorney document
  4. Missing Attachments: Make sure you keep your attachments in your estate planning documents
  5. Failure to Consider Who Pays Estate Expenses: Make sure you pay attention in your will to declare who is to pay which taxes, so beneficiaries don’t lose out on payouts
  6. Failure to Fund Your Living Trust: If you don’t title your assets in the name of your trust, it is pretty much worthless
  7. Failure to have Proper Beneficiary Designations on Accounts: Almost every financial account allows you to name a beneficiary, which means if you use this tool you can avoid probate
  8. Failure to Protect Disabled Beneficiary: Make sure to leave a disabled beneficiary’s inheritance in a special trust to keep them eligible for benefits
  9. Failure to Make Special Provisions for a “Problem” Beneficiary: Hold problem Beneficiary’s inheritance in a trust
  10. Not Understanding How Your Assets Will Pass Upon Death: Understand the will doesn’t do everything when you pass

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