Essential Winter Park Senior Relocation Advice

November 17th, 2017

Winter Park Senior RelocationDeciding to move can be a stressful decision for a senior. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here is my Winter Park senior relocation advice for those considering whether or not to move or downsize.

Moving may come with the fears and anguish of the unknown. Will you like where you move? Will you make friends? But these fears are only fears; they’re not reality.

For seniors, it’s important to think about your health and well-being first. Sometimes relocating is a necessity to your health. That’s why downsizing and moving is a decision that should be conducted in conjunction with a professional.  


Winter Park senior relocation is filled with options and ways in which one can relocate. You need to self-estimate what you want and where you want to go. Do you want to go to Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or do you want to go to a 55+ community? Do you want to live in a big house, a townhome or a condo?

These are just some things to keep in mind when you’re looking to relocate.

Communicate with Family

When you’re deciding on making this move, always communicate with your family or friends about what you want to do. Family and friends should be supportive of your decision.

All you need to do is communicate what you want, express what you need and figure out what best suits those needs.

Winter Park Senior Relocation Can Be Seamless

Whatever you decide to do, relocating can be a seamless process. Once you’ve decided on a location, whether it’s a family member’s house or a condo down the road, moving can be as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Downsize your items
  2. Map things out for the movers (if it’s you and your family, map things out anyways to help the process)
  3. Start the moving process to your new location

If you are considering making a move, do not hesitate to give me a call or book an appointment today! Also be sure to watch my senior seminar series for more in-depth coverage. 

Orlando Senior Health Tips

November 10th, 2017

Orlando senior healthAs a senior, it’s important to try and keep your health in check. Striving to stay healthy can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Here are my Orlando senior health tips on maintaining an active lifestyle.

Visiting the doctor

Visiting a doctor is an essential Orlando senior health tip. It’s important to keep scheduled appointments with your healthcare professional, whether it’s your geriatrician or your family doctor. Having a professional make sure that you have good blood pressure, are taking all your medication (or need the prescriptions for new ones), will ensure that you are in proper health.

As a senior, you are more prone to health issues, which is why going to a doctor consistently is a good way to prevent further illnesses in the future. A simple checkup is a good way to catch anything early before it becomes something untreatable or costly.


Memory can be one of the first things that goes when you become older. Memory is one of the most significant concerns among seniors and their healthcare providers. It’s true that dementia is on the rise, especially among seniors, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to it.

To maintain your memory, you must keep your mind active. Recent studies have suggested that trying new things to challenge your brain can help keep your memory sharp. To use the old metaphor, ‘Your brain is a muscle, and you must use it or lose it.’

There are a number of ways to keep an active mind. You can do puzzles, such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles. You can also read, whether it’s the morning paper or a good book, reading and education are factors that have been shown to reduce memory loss.  


The first step to staying fit is to consider going to a local gym. There are numerous gyms in the Orlando area; many of these gyms take healthcare programs such as Silver Sneakers, which is free through Medicare.

Gyms are a great way to meet people, friends and to socialize, as well as maintain your health and activity. Many gyms offer senior fitness classes and programs. These courses help keep you active, not only through exercise but by creating a social atmosphere as well.

Fitness doesn’t begin and end at the gym. Getting a pet or dog can also help keep you healthy and active. Walking a dog can help you stay fit. Plus, you get a friendly companion!

Your age is just a number and staying healthy and fit is the best way to stay young, even at an older age. Health is all about maintenance.

I hope these Orlando senior health tips have been useful. For further information, be sure to watch our video seminars and contact me if you need help.

Transportation Services for Orlando Active Seniors

November 3rd, 2017

Orlando Active SeniorsFor Orlando active seniors deciding not to drive a vehicle anymore is a hard and life-changing decision. Choosing not to drive can feel like signing your freedom and rights away. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to give up your day to day activities.

An active senior may not like the initial change to their day to day routine, but like retiring, giving up driving is adjustable. A good alternative for seniors who can no longer drive is utilizing local transportation services. Finding transportation services for Orlando active seniors who can no longer drive doesn’t have to be a painstaking process.

We’ve compiled a list of ways seniors can keep their daily habits constant after choosing not to drive.

Orlando Lynx Public Bus

Depending on the agility of the senior, utilizing Orlando’s Lynx transportation services can be a viable option for easy transportation. With the variety of pick up locations and schedule times that the Lynx system offers, it can be a really convenient and cost-effective option.

However, because public transportation can become crowded and hard to navigate you may want to take the ease and comfort of your loved one into consideration when choosing public transportation options.

Find a full schedule of Lynx’s pick up times, drop off times and locations on their website.

Senior Tran Shuttle

The senior tran shuttle is a transportation service in downtown Orlando that commutes to and from senior housing. The service runs three times a week and provides transportation to places such as the library, the grocery store and the pharmacy so seniors can go about their life with ease. Take a look at their site for a list of downtown senior housing shuttle services.

Independent Transportation Network (ITN)

ITN is a membership-based transportation service that offers dignified transportation for senior citizens in the Orlando area. Members can schedule rides with the service in advance or call at any time for private rides to any destination.

This service runs 24/7, so it is the most independent option for Orlando active seniors. If you’re scheduling a trip far in advance, the service even offers a discount for booking ahead. Seniors have the option to ride alone or share rides with others.

I hope this list helped you or your loved one see that choosing not to drive does not mean giving up their freedom and independence. Staying mobile can be easy when using one of these transportation services.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Home in Oviedo for Active Seniors

October 30th, 2017

Purchasing a Home in OviedoPurchasing a home in Oviedo doesn’t have to be something you need to worry about anymore. Today I’m sharing what to look for when considering purchasing a home.

Deciding when to purchase a home takes a lot of time and consideration, especially if you’re a senior citizen. It can become overwhelming to have to think about all of the options and choices that come with purchasing a home in Oviedo. Here are my tips to help you choose the perfect home.

One Story Houses

One of the first things you want to be on the lookout for when purchasing a home in Oviedo is how many steps there are in the home. As you age, going up and down stairs becomes risky and poses problems for those who use wheelchairs or canes to move around. Finding a one-story house will minimize the chances of this happening by navigating your home as comfortable as possible.

Transportation Services

A challenge senior citizens face as they grow older is transportation. If you no longer drive, having to rely on family members to take you around for appointments or grocery shopping can become inconvenient for everyone involved. Making sure that senior transportation services are close to your potential home will help take the frustration out of getting around.

Step-in Shower

Bathtubs and showers with high steps can make showering a hassle and dangerous. Installing a step-in shower after you buy a home can be costly and time-consuming. Making sure to buy a house with step-in showers will take the danger out of showering alone. Looking for a shower with handrails can also be something important to keep in mind.


Lighting plays an integral part in choosing your perfect retirement home. Having adequate lighting in your home is essential for easy mobility around the house. It is also a severe step in making your home safe. Dark hallways and kitchens can become hazardous for those whose eyesight is fading. Seniors should look for homes with big open windows and plenty of light fixtures to keep their home well lit.

Are you purchasing a home in Oviedo? I am here to give you the trusted resources to find the perfect home for you. For expert help with choosing your next home, click here today!

Why Getting a Pet Will Improve Your Lake Mary Senior Living

October 20th, 2017

Lake Mary senior living is much more enjoyable when having pets around. Today I’m sharing a few health benefits to having a pet as a senior.

There are countless reasons why getting a pet would make your Lake Mary senior living much more enjoyable. Pets bring joy and unconditional love to your life, but did you know having a pet as a senior also has numerous health benefits? Here are just a few.

Lower Blood Pressure

Pets can be your heart’s best friend! Studies have shown that having a furry companion that seniors can touch and talk to can significantly lower blood pressure. Just being around a pet like a dog or a cat has significant calming effects on the brain, which in turn, lowers your arterial blood pressure.

Lower Risk of Heart Disease

This one goes hand in hand with lower blood pressure but is solely directed at dogs. Having a dog that you have to walk two to three times a day allows you to get the necessary exercise you need to keep heart disease at bay. The best part about walking your dog will help you keep your heart healthy without ever having to step inside a gym!

Social Butterflies

Pets by nature, especially dogs, are extremely social beings. They help you make social connections with people you would have otherwise never met. Think about all of the times you’ve seen someone walking a dog on the same street as you and you just sparked up a conversation because you wanted to pet their dog, or their dog tried to sniff you!

Cat lovers, don’t fret. Although cats are usually anti-social by nature, there are plenty of opportunities for you to meet people through your cat. Bringing your cat to the vet or talking to other people who own cats can help you bond with fellow cat owners.

Gives You Purpose

Having a pet can give you a sense of purpose in knowing that your furry little friend could never survive without you! Lake Mary senior living may be lonely, and you can often forget to do things on a routine. Having a living animal that depends on you gives you a reason to get up in the morning and stay active throughout the day to keep your fur baby as happy as they can be.

Having a pet can dramatically change your life for the better. It can make you happier and healthier to just have a little companion running around your home. As a senior realtor, my list of trusted resources I can help you find the best pet-friendly Lake Mary senior living home for your best friend.

Why Downsizing in Winter Garden Doesn’t Have to be Impossible

October 16th, 2017

Downsizing in Winter GardenWhether you are in your mid-thirties or well into your sixties, it comes as no surprise that moving out of the home you’ve been living in for years can be stressful. Today I am sharing three tips that will make downsizing in Winter Garden a breeze.

When moving to a smaller home, it means adding getting rid of many of your belongings, to the already long to-do list that comes with downsizing. However, downsizing in Winter Garden does have many benefits that outweigh the negatives. Here are some tips to make your move easier.

Get Rid of Clutter

Moving to a smaller home means less space for the older items in your home. Although it may seem like everything in your home is an antique with emotional value, there is a good chance a lot of it may be just clutter. Have a friend or a family member help you clean out your drawers, garage, and attic and have them help you weigh in on what items to keep or donate.

Begin the Process Early

While the thought of beginning to pack and clean the home you live in now may seem like a daunting task, it is imperative that you start to do so early. Leaving cleaning and packing for the last minute when you are trying to downsize is only going to cause you and those helping you have unnecessary stress. Getting out big trash bags and weeding out the things that you will not be bringing to your new home should be the first step.

Make a List

Making a list of all of the things you have to get done before you leave is another essential part of the downsizing process. Some of these things include scheduling a cleaning service for your old home, switching all of your utilities to your new home, shutting them off in your old home, and changing your mailing address to your new home. Making a to-do list of all of these tasks is a quick and easy way to stay organized and keep the stress out of downsizing.

If you are in the market for a new, smaller home to downsize to in Winter Garden, do not hesitate to give me a call or book an appointment today!

Lake Nona Senior Living: Why You Should Start Volunteering

October 6th, 2017

Lake Nona Senior LivingVolunteering is a great way to not only give your time to help people, but it’s also a great way to keep engaged and active in the years after retirement. Volunteering can help you make the most out of your Lake Nona senior living days without it becoming too tiring or overwhelming.

Lake Nona senior living will be enhanced by the actions you take while living in the area. Today I am sharing how volunteering can help keep you engaged and active in the community.

Make the Most out of Your Time

Being a retiree can leave seniors with a staggering amount of free time during the week. This can seem great at first after decades of having a set weekly schedule keeping seniors stressed and busy. But after a while, so much free time can start to get increasingly dull. After you have exhausted golfing or painting, volunteering is the option that keeps you out of the house and away from sitting on the couch watching TV all day.

Meeting People

Volunteering is also a great way to keep seniors from getting lonely or depressed. All the extra time after retiring may make seniors shut themselves away in their home, only to become isolated and unhappy. Volunteering gives seniors a chance to get out there into their communities while meeting people of all ages and backgrounds. Making friends and interacting with others keeps seniors from feeling useless in the confines of their own houses all day. Volunteering also presents an excellent opportunity for seniors to share their experiences and knowledge with fellow volunteers who are younger than them.

Passion Projects

Is there something you as a senior have always been passionate about yet have never had the time to give to the cause? Well now is the time to dedicate all of your time into these passion projects! Whether it is volunteering with animals, children, or politics, volunteering in something you have always wanted to get involved with and can make your post-retirement days mean something not only to you but to the cause you’re volunteering for.

Lake Nona senior living after retirement is usually associated with lots of free time to hang around the house and not do a lot. Why not volunteer your time to a cause that needs you? You’ll come to find that volunteering will also help you in the long run.

Do you have questions about your next move? I have expanded my real estate business to be a trusted resource for seniors, active adults and their caretakers. Whether it is for general repairs, downsizing to a smaller home, aging in place or a move to an assisted living, memory care, CCRC or independent community, I’ve got the answers.

Orlando Alzheimer’s Care: 3 Thing You Probably Didn’t Know

September 22nd, 2017

Orlando Alzheimer's CareFinding a care facility for someone who needs Orlando Alzheimer’s care can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be. I’m sharing three things you probably didn’t know about someone who is living with Alzheimer’s.

Living with someone who needs Orlando Alzheimer’s care in the Dr. Phillips area can undoubtedly be difficult. There may be things that you, as a caregiver, may not even know you’re doing wrong. Here are the top three things you should avoid doing when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s

Avoid Asking If They Can Remember

One of the most common mistakes people make when interacting with an  Orlando Alzheimer’s patient is the tendency to say things like, “Do you remember?” or “Remember when…?”

Asking questions like this is only bound to frustrate someone who has Alzheimer’s and needs care. There’s a good chance they don’t remember what you are trying to recall to their memory and bringing it up is not constructive for you nor the patient.

Don’t Argue Or Correct Them

Correction is a fight you will always lose. Fighting with someone who has Alzheimer’s and needs Orlando Alzheimer’s care will only frustrate everyone involved. Try to solve issues together and go with the flow if things look like they are about to turn argumentative.

Know That There Are Good Days And Bad Days

There are going to be ups and downs in your relationship with the person you are caring. Trust that this is part of the process. Trying to live in the moment and enjoying the good days is the best way to care for someone who has dementia.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your days as a caregiver for a senior suffering from Alzheimer’s in the Dr. Phillips area. I have recently expanded my real estate business to be a trusted resource for seniors, active adults, and their caretakers. Here are two of my trusted senior resources for care management:

Guardian Care Management & Benefit Services – Guardian Care Management & Benefits Services, Inc.(GCMBS) is a long-standing Professional Guardianship Firm providing Elderly & Disabled Life Plan Assessments and Care Management Services.

The Cameron Group – The Cameron Group is an Aging Life Care management company serving the Central Florida area. They provide relief and reassurance to elders and their families by giving them the best experience possible in later life.

Whether it is for general repairs, downsizing to a smaller home, aging in place or a move to an assisted living, memory care, CCRC or independent community. I have the trusted resources to steer you in the right direction.

Orlando Sellers Guide Starter Kit

September 20th, 2017


Are you in the market to sell your home? Today I’m sharing my Orlando sellers guide starter kit to make your move a piece of cake.

A home is not a home because of its room dimensions or the color of the walls. It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door. Move into your dream home by following my Orlando sellers guide starter kit. This guide is more than just real estate; it is about your life and your dreams.

Define Your Needs

Write down all the reasons for selling your home. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to sell and what do I expect to accomplish with the sale?” For example, a growing family may prompt your need for a larger home, a job opportunity in another city may entail a move, or a senior citizen would need to downsize their home. For your goals, write down if you’d like to sell your house within a certain time frame or if you desire to make a particular profit margin.

Name Your Price

Your next objective should be to determine the best possible selling price for your house. Setting a fair asking price from the beginning will generate the most activity from other real estate agents and buyers. You will need to take into account the condition of your home, what comparable homes in your neighborhood are selling for, and state of the overall market in your area. You’re always better off setting a fair market value price than setting your price too high.

Prepare Your Home

Most of us don’t keep our homes in “showroom” condition. We tend to overlook piles of boxes in the garage and broken porch lights. It’s time to get out of that owner’s mindset and get your house in tip-top shape. The condition of your home will affect how quickly it sells and the price the buyer is willing to offer.

First impressions are the most important.  A home with too much “personality” is harder to sell. Removing family photos, mementos and personalized decor will help buyers visualize the home as theirs. Small defects, such as a leaky faucet, a torn screen or a worn doormat, can ruin the buyer’s first impression.

Get The Word Out

Now that you’re ready to sell, I will set up a marketing strategy specifically for your home. There are many ways to get the word out, including the internet, yard signs, open houses, and social media advertising. I will use a combination of these tactics to bring the most qualified buyers to your home.

Do you have real estate questions? Look no further; I can assist you in selling your home and finding a home specific to your needs. I have recently expanded my real estate business to be a trusted resource for seniors, active adults, and their caretakers. Click here to learn more about how I can better assist your real estate needs.

Trusted AC Companies For Orlando Senior Citizens

September 8th, 2017

Orlando Senior CitizensHaving a trusted AC company is crucial in Florida. Here are two of my AC trusted resources for Orlando senior citizens.

I love what I get to do because I get to connect Orlando senior citizens with trusted businesses. In Florida, having a quality AC team is crucial, and I’ve seen many companies scam families and seniors. Here are two of my trusted AC resources so you know you’re working with someone reliable!

Air Care Systems, Inc.

Air Care Systems, Inc aims to ensure a healthy, safe, environmentally pleasing and comfortable home/office atmosphere for all its clients. Their mission statement says it all, “Committed to excellence, enthusiasm, teamwork, and family values. We will be the “Best of the Best” providers of heating /air-conditioning products and services to our clients.”

They provide fast, emergency service 24/7/365 for those unexpected times your gas furnace or heating unit breaks down. They’ve earned the reputation for fast, friendly and reliable service delivered by their expert team of N.A.T.E. Certified, factory trained, uniformed and badged HVAC technicians. From now until December 31st they’re providing an Orlando Senior Citizens a discount, at $10 off a diagnostic call, with repairs!

4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating

4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating is now in their third generation of family leadership. They have seen enough changes in the marketplace to realize that one thing doesn’t change, the demand for quality service.

They are your reliable, experienced, industry experts since 1953. Every employee is required to attend at least 8 hours training per year while service techs receive over 32 hours of training per year! They offer an industry-leading two-year warranty on all repair parts for our Gold Club customers and a lifetime guarantee on all ductwork that we install. When year-round comfort and reliability is what you want, trust the experts at 4 Seasons Air Conditioning & Heating. They are also open 24/7/365

Your comfort is important to me. With these two trusted AC companies, you will not only get quality air conditioning; you will get quality service.

As your Orlando senior citizens realtor, I strive to find you the home, and the resources that will make you comfortable and taken care of.

Are you relocating to a new home? Let me help you with all the details so you won’t have to. Contact me today!