Top 10 Benefits of Living in a Smaller Home

You see millennials doing it all the time.  They pack up and live in a van, a bus, a motorhome or even one of the ‘tiny homes’ that seems to be all the rage.  Pictures of them are all over the place form the RV commercial about  “breaking free’ to the blog post about simple living.  Usually, these pics feature a couple, sitting in front of some kind of beautiful scenery (mountains, beaches or lakes) and their backs are to the photographer because they’re looking out at the scene, drinking a beverage and there’s often a faithful dog or two included, just to complete the vision.

These folks choose to live a simple life, free of the stress and worry their parents had a generation before them.  They’re in a sense ‘free’.

We all know the truth though.  Everywhere you go and whatever you do, you’ll always have to be responsible and there’s always a cost and nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

Time and wisdom have taught us those lessons and we are all the better for having learned them.

Yet, they do have a point.

Living simply does have its perks.  Learning to live this way doesn’t have to be so dramatic of a change or mean that you have to give up everything and go hit the road, forever.  It does require a plan and some strategy though.  The end result of it being done the right way could very well mean a refresh of your own life that’s been a long time coming.

Let’s take an example, somewhere in the middle. Let’s say you feel like your house too large for you now?  If so, living simply could be accomplished by moving from the large home you have now, to a smaller one.

That being said, let’s look at ten ways moving into a small home could benefit you:

One:  Vacuuming

Smaller homes are easier to vacuum.  How many times do you plug in and have to move the power plug when you’re vacuuming now?  Three times?  Four?  How long does it take you?

When vacuuming a home that’s a third or half the size of the home you have now, you’ll see the time you spend vacuuming and the electricity you use doing it will all decrease significantly.

Two: You’re forced to declutter constantly.

This means that you can’t keep everything “just in case” and you can’t stockpile items like you used to and though you won’t notice it at first, as the years go by you’ll see what a difference it makes in your level of stress when you can’t and don’t hold on to everything.

You could even start referring to yourself as a ‘minimalist’.  Oh, how trendy!

Three:  Oh, the money you’ll save!

Think about it.  A house that’s smaller costs less to purchase, maintain and heat or cool.  What you’ve given up in space and clutter you are rewarded for in the benjamins sitting in your bank because you’re not spending as much in mortgage, upkeep, and utilities.

Four:  Not as taxing

You’ll see the price drop on your property taxes as well.  When you add that to your saving mentioned up above, you’re giving yourself more money to save or spend as you see fit.  Vacation anyone?

Five:  Going green(er)

There is a legend that Native Americans used to have a rule that they never made a decision about what to with their land unless they first weighed out the pros and cons for seven generations. While we aren’t making daily decisions over land, it is nice to know that your home uses fewer resources on a daily basis and in that sense, you’re doing your part on helping the environment by using only the space you need.

Six: Closer to family

Literally! When friends and family come to visit, you’ll be close proximity to them at all times.

Between us, it’s also a great excuse for not having those folks over who drive you nuts because you ‘just down have the room’. You can say that with all honesty (and hopefully a straight face) because after all, you wouldn’t be lying!

That may be the best reason yet!


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