This Does Not Need to Happen to YOU!

When I begin my Seminars one of the questions I ask is “Why are you here at this Seminar”? 2 of the 3 answers I typically hear back are—-“I am afraid of being taken advantage of”—! They attend not only to be Informed and Educated but most of all they want to make sure they are Protected.

I am beginning my 3rd year with the Smarter Senior Seminar Series that is designed to Protect, Inform and Educate Seniors and Active Adults. These events are held at 4 Orange County Libraries in Orange County and the topics are as follows for 2019: What you should know about Aging in Your Home, Health, Downsizing, Legal, Senior Living Options, Senior Living Affordability, Senior Scams I and Senior Scams II. I recently added Senior Scams II this year simply because the increased attendance with Senior Scams I. There is a lot of curiosity for Seniors and Active Adults to learn more about Scams that could ultimately affect them.

I am a Real Estate Agent here in Orlando, Florida covering Orange, Osceola, Seminole and the Eastern part of Lake Counties. My name is Mike Flahaven with “yourfloridahaven” brokered by EXP Realty but I am a DIFFERENT type of Real Estate Agent. I am a Certified Senior Housing Professional who guides Seniors & Active Adults with Downsizing Solutions while Connecting them and their families with Trusted Resources and Services. Over the past 5 years I have built a list of Trusted Resources that share the same passion I have to Help protect Seniors while insuring that they are NOT taken advantage of.

What follows is a horrible situation that if I was contacted would have never happened to this elderly couple.

This couple has NO immediate family close by and lived in a gated community located in Orlando. With most Seniors they started encountering some health issues and while both were struggling, they needed some additional help.

They were connected with a Caregiver who was Independent, not Licensed and was not affiliated with any Licensed Firm. Not only was she not Licensed she was not Insured. She started taking care of this couple and as time went on became a full time Caregiver for them. She built trust with this couple who provided her an hourly rate, a credit card at Walmart for incidentals and home needs that was presented and paid by the couple every month. There was out of state family who checked in on them periodically. After a year the niece received a call from the Aunt who said—GET US OUT OF HERE—! Immediately the Niece and Husband journeyed to Orlando to discover a shocking situation.  They discovered that they were both in diapers, over medicated to the point they were delirious and ultimately scammed by this Caregiver.

After the niece and husband were involved and they had time to assess the situation they moved them closer to them where they are now safe. What was discovered initially is that the Caregiver took them for about 80K, had both of them wearing diapers daily, changed all of their doctors they had over time with new doctors along with changing their medications to the point that they were in a delirious state daily. To quote the niece “she tried to kill them”.

Now they are settled but the niece is struggling to get them into a great Senior Community as she had difficulty getting the correct health records because of the switch the caregiver made with the doctors here in Orlando. They are NO longer wearing the diapers and are becoming day by day more coherent.

To share how brazen this Caregiver is she demanded over the phone from the niece monies owed  to the tune of 6K and demanded a testimonial or recommendation of nothing less than being of stellar performance.

I share this story because this is why my Seminars are designed to connect Seniors and Active Adult families with Trusted Resources and Services. There are 10,000 people turning 62 every day and that will continue to the year 2032 which means that there are going to be more and more individuals trying to take advantage of this vulnerable group of Seniors. I like to believe that I am the Connector of Trust for this demographic. I see it happen every day with A/C companies, Roofers, Electricians, Handymen, Caregivers, Home Care Health, Attorneys, Real Estate Investors, Financial Planners, Assisted Living Communities and the list goes on.



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